Green Education Through Sports (GETS) is a 18 months Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership project with the aim to develop and test innovative online educational tools allowing grassroots sport and environmentalist organisations to exchange knowledge in order to deliver eco-friendly sport events benefiting a wide range of target groups. GETS focuses on the ever growing needs of the grassroots sport movement to implement more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, volunteer-based and widely accessible sport events that on one hand raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection and on the other hand encourage participation in health enhancing physical activity. The key objectives of GETS

● to increase the capacities of the grassroot sport organisations and civil/green NGOs through exchanging working practices and campaign tools to offer eco-friendly and accessible sport events to a wide range of target audiences;

● to enable partner organisations to develop and test a online educational tool (an E-module) promoting greener, widely accessible and volunteer-based sport events;

● to improve knowledge and skills of the members, volunteers of sport and civil organisations about the concept of eco-sports through transnational work and locally implemented sport activities;

● to empower young sports volunteers to raise awareness on the importance of environmentally friendly behaviours and include older generations in green sports events and campaigns;