Lenka Curillova
Project Manager

Denise Karabova
Senior Expert 

ADEL Slovakia (ADEL) – Partner

ADEL delivers, trainings, youth exchanges and other educational activities, organize various events, conduct research and analysis and cooperate with wide network of institutions with the aim to:

– Create more educational opportunities and provide new experience and knowledge for personal as well as professional development and growth;

– Stimulate creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives and new businesses;

– Promote active citizenship, civic participation and volunteering;

– Encourage a responsible attitude towards nature, animals and protection of the environment;

– Promote sport and a healthy lifestyle;

– Support integration of minorities and refugees into the society, enhance intercultural understanding among locals and third-country nationals and promote equality of opportunity for all;

– Contribute to the development of rural areas and disadvantaged regions;

ADEL is the coordinator of the collaborative partnership project “Eco-friendly Sports” – that aims to promote sport and physical activities that not only contribute to better health but also to have a positive impact on the environment, develop new methods of environmental education through sports and increase the number of organized events like clean-up events, plogging, planting trees, birdhouse building, repair cafés,  among others, on a local level.